Milano + Panisperna

    Intending to further develop the plan of Sixtus V, this design will mark another important node in Rome. The site converges at the intersection of Via Milano and Via Panisperna. Via Milano terminates marking the end of Via Babuino from Piazza del Popoplo intersecting Via Panisperna which follows the Viminale towards Santa Maria Maggiore and aligns with the dome of Sixtus V's tomb.
    The site is defined by the Church of San Lorenzo, the Institute for Ancient Roman History, and an entrance to the Ministry of the Interior. The intersection which appears to form a mini piazza is occupied by more vehicular traffic than by pedestrians.
    In an effort to create another landmark in the urban plan of Rome, this design wil complete this "unfinished piazza", therefore creating a an occupiable space for which the user can stop and make the connection that Sixtus's roads were intended to do. The program offers exhibition space for the institure as well as an elevated view of via panisperna and the tomb of sixtus v. completing this piazza by means of an information center and manipulating the topography to create more open space will further help the user engage in the urban plan of Rome.
  • Piazza Form
  • Site Section of Via Panisperna (Viminale Hill)
  • Sixtus V: Connection between Piazza del Popolo + Chiesa di Santa Maria Maggiore
  • View of Via Panisperna + Santa Maria Maggiore