Shoe Boutique: Step Two

  • This project was a collaborative project with another interior design student.  Inspired by the idea of "cradle to grave", the concept for the boutique was the idea of connection. Everything inside the boutique is connected. The ceiling elements drop down and connect to the shoe displays. The ceiling elements also protrude out of the buildings facades to create an awning.  In addition to designing the interior of the boutique, this project was largely about designing the branding of the boutique. The group decided that the shoes sold at this boutique would all be made of recycled materials and are completely sustainable. Step Two serves to provide stylish shoes while reducing the carbon footprint of people’s everyday lives. The logo of Step Two signifies taking steps toward going green.
  • Floor Plan
  • Reflected Cieling Plan
  • Exterior Side Elevation
  • Front Facade Elevation
  • Interior Elevation: Displaying window shoe display and feature wall explaining the process in making recycled shoes.
  • Interior Elevation 2: Shoe Display
  • Interior Cross Section
  • Store Branding: Shoe Box and Store Bag