• The Pulse was created to:
    • Streamline the install process                                                   • Create a personalized interaction with devices
    • Allow simple linking of external devices                                    • Intuitive remote design for all demographics
    • Allow Comcast to compete with next generation television      • Connect phone, internet, and television together
  • Technology
    WiTricity power sources and capture devices are specially designed magnetic resonators that efficiently transfer power over large distances via the magnetic near-field. These proprietary source and device designs and the electronic systems that control them support efficient energy transfer over distances that are many times the size of the sources/devices themselves.
    Tactus provides a new dimension of user interface with a fundamentally unique solution: applicationcontrolled, completely transparent physical buttons that rise up from the touch-screen surface on demand. With the buttons enabled, users can push and type or rest their fingers as they would with any physical button or keyboard. When the buttons are disabled, they recede into the screen, becoming invisible and leaving a smooth, seamless flat touchscreen with maximum viewing area.
  • Primary Unit
    • The sole cable connection to a specific household
    • Replaces the router, modem, and cable receiver
    • Uses WiTricity technology to power and communicate with Secondary Unit
  • Remote
    • The key to a personalized tv watching experience
    • Recognizes each user and changes the format accordingly.
    • Utilizes Tactus technology to create user-specific tactile buttons
  • Secondary Unit
    • Link between television and remote
    • Replaces the need for a cable box
    • USB connection