• Comcast 2014 Sprint Competition Winner.
    Directive-Design a product that works within a new Comcast system which bridges the gap between Comcast’s existing market and a future business model.
  • The future of Comcast showed that much of life is spent on social media and entertainment outlets. Developing a device that could interact within a digital atmosphere while giving subtle feedback to the user became the ideal design criteria. 
  • The Comcast Genome operates within the home and manages the user’s “Digital Persona.” The “Digital Persona” represents the user’s actions through security, social media, and entertainment. The device works automatically via a wearable device on the user. The device links with other devices and existing technology to manage the user’s life without interrupting it.
  • The Wearable Device alerts the user through subtle visual and touch features. Unlike a Smartphone, which alerts abruptly and must be interacted with, the Comcast wearable gives users the choice. The wearable remains transparent until it notifies the user of an action. Soft color glows help differentiate the type of alert and the deepness of the color show the urgency of the alert. A small vibration on the wrist helps alert the user as well.
  • The Comcast Genome works within the social and entertainment atmospheres. When a user meets a new potential business partner who works within the Comcast system, immediate information is transferred. Upon meeting the new individual, requests are sent to social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook.This entertainment aspect works without user interaction and once the wearable device is reattached to the Genome base, it alerts you of that days occurrences. 
  • The Comcast Genome is responsible for security in all aspects of the user’s life. If a break-in occurs within the user’s home, the Genome acts quickly to alert the security company, law enforcement, and the user simultaneously. This security aspect also works within the “Digital Persona,” and keeps the user’s private information safe online. This also includes handling online banking and in certain scenarios, the Genome will work as a payment operator via the wearable device.
  • The Comcast Genome and Wearable device work together to manage the user’s “Digital Persona” so that life remains productive and uninterrupted.