Hierarchy and Grid Exercise: Table of Contents

  • The Hierarchy and Grid Exercise is a Design IV assignment to introduce students to the use of typographic elements to create a hierarchy that guides readers through a selection. The use of grid was also strongly encouraged during the assignment to further help the viewer through the piece. The text, The Complete Illustrated Guide to Joinery by Gary Rogowski is an informational book published to teach others wood joinery with both written instruction and photographic depictions of process.
    My solution, based strictly on grid, is to guide the reader with maximum focus on tall, handsome chapter numbers as “markers” that allow quick chapter reference. The Univers type family is used throughout the piece in varying degrees of boldness, use of italic, and font size. The eye is drawn across the page in a normal left to right fashion, just as English is meant to be interpreted. The key to an acceptable table of contents is finding information quickly, efficiently, and beautifully.