Mentor Center

    My concept for this project was derived from the definition of embrace and the many things it can represent. My Senior/Child Mentor center will be based off the idea of embracing technology as well the idea that its visitors will embrace and support one another.  My goal for this design was to create comfortable and controlled interaction and communication through the manipulation of moveable walls.
  • All of the walls that surround the public spaces are connected to a custom track systems that allow them to be moved and changed.  The Great Room, Craft Area, and Kitchen walls can all be relocated to allow for either open activities or privacy.  The track system I designed allows for these walls to completely close off the rooms, leave the rooms completely open, or any other configuration in between.
  • Budget was a large factor in this project.  I dedicated the majority of my budget to the sliding wall system, which is the most important aspect of my design.  To balance this out, all of the upholstery and finishes in the mentor center are low cost, but very durable and good quality.  I incorporated reused items such as wooden pallette tables, denim upholstery, and reclaimed wood walls.
  • Floor Plan
    Dotted lines show paths for sliding walls.
  • Great Room Perspective
    Open wall configuration
  • Recpetion Desk Perspective