Experimental Modeling

  • PARAMETRIC EXPLORATIONS Working in Rhino and Grasshopper has led to various parametric explormations. As well as the urban grocery store, below are two examples of parametric projects. Project 1 explores the idea of a changing concrete block in order to allow for various views, and therefore different experiences.
  • Wall Elevation and Parametric Change
  • Individual Units
  • Detail Perspective
  • Potential Use Perspective
  • PARAMETRIC WATERWALL Project 2 uses parametric tools in order to redesign a typical waterwall. A waterwall is a plastic enclosed structure that contains water, and is then used next to a glazed surface as a thermal mass. Current designs contain indents to increase the surface area, therefore increasing the temperature of the water. However, if these indents turned into holes, then the wall could allow for ventilation as well as lighting.