Bartram's North: Thread

  • Thread
    The transposition between the built and landscape forms is achieved in a contrasting yet complimentary manner. The green infrastructure for stormwater management is the thread that ties the site together. Inspired by the action of a skipping stone, the systems shape is largest and furthest apart at the high point, and towards the low point the rain gardens become closer together, smaller, and more repetitive. This feature physically separates the industry from recreation but ties the two together aesthetically.
    The three buildings are different but have sustainability in common. The first building, “Anchor”, is the largest and is dedicated to the manufacturing of sustainable building materials. The second building, “Flex Space”, has a common corridor and capitalizes from the sites existing topography. The buildings are sunken down into the topography and house two green roofs that allow for the view of the city to be the first thing a visitor sees while entering the parking plaza. These buildings are for emerging business owners and artists to have a place of their own in a collaborative environment. The third and final building, “Phase”, is for sustainable research and development. With our design, Bartram’s North, the former site of National Heat and Power, has the potential to become a leader in sustainable light industry.
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