Problem Solving: United By Blue

  • My moodboard focuses on the United by Blue lifestyle ad ideology.  The UBB lifestyle is wholesome, adventurous, clean and simple, and natural.  These aspects make up jsut a small portion of the UBB customer, and that idea is illustrated by the multi-layered, multi-compositional makeup of my moodboard.  The UBB ideology has the same layered nature in that ecology itself is layered and sustainability must be approached from multiple directions.  I've added part of an image of plastic bottles to represent United By Blue's unique and most prevalent approach to eco-friendly thinking, their waterway cleanups.  
  • My garment is a jacket, constructed from the provided chambray and hot glue. All of the embellishments are made from recycled items.  The beading effect on the collar was done by gluing and melting recycled soda bottles, yogurt cups, and milk jugs.  This embellishment is meant to look like trash on the beach, but sound like shells, highlighting the unique and beautiful trash as a means of added interest to a garment.  The toggles are make from recycled bottle caps and the last embellishment utilizes scraps of paper that would have been disposed of, and resemble reflections on the water.  The silhouette and layering of the collar  and front panel are inspired by the layers and lines of birch trees, as well as the layers of the United By Blue lifestyle.
  • My garment inspired a collection of three looks mainly focused on outerwear, with two bottoms.  I found that UBB customers are seeking useful garments that can be worn for many purposes, so I focused on designing garments that when worn, can be put-together and yet active, stylish, yet un-fussy.  My first look is a jacket that would ideally be treated to be waterproof, with grey canvas accents and layered neckline, including a hood.  It would also include recycled-plastic petal-shaped buttoms, multiple stacked pockets, and a gold zipper.  My second look is a windbreaker with soft printed jersey lining and outer shell with flatteing hood, also creating a layered collar that can be worn in two ways.  It has a cinchable waistband and gold zipper, as well as welt pockets with hidden zippers.  It also includes a pair of leggings with hip and kneww patches made from strips of fabric topstitched in rounded shapes.  My third look is a t-shirt, a sweatshirt, and a pair of chambray lounge pants. The tee is printed with s hand-drawn UBB graphic depicting natural items and shapes.  The sweatshirt is made from mint fleece-lined jersey and has a plunging neckline, deep hoood, and short gold zipper.  The lounge pants are made of soft organic chambray and boast large, voluminous patch pockets, tia waistband, and ankle band with button closure and placket.