Mexican Inspired Loft - Drawings

  • Interior Design Studio 3 - Fall 2012
    Loft design for a Mexican chef client living in the Old City neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA.  Multi-level, geometric design creates interest in the narrow home while making sure every square foot is utilized.  Wall niches allow opportunities to add religious decorations to the house, as my client is Roman Catholic.  He lives here with his daughter and elderly mother, who each get their own spaces with custom details.
    The model for this project is filed under "Mexican Inspired Loft - Wooden Model"
  • This Section shows the roof top garden where the client can grow his own herbs and vegetables.  The roof above the master suite on the right is angled to help collect and direct rainwater to the rooftop garden.  The central staircase is capped with a lightwell, bringing in sunlight during the day and illuminating the roof deck like a beacon at night.
  • The axon helps depict the changes in levels from the kitchen, through the dining room, and into the living room.  The kitchen is at the highest point, symbolizing its importance in the client's life.  The living room and dining room radiate around a fire place.  The piano is the focal point of the living room, instead of the television, promoting togetherness and communication in the home.
  • Watercolor Nighttime Perspective Sketch of Rooftop Deck
  • Custom Child's Play Area on the second level of the loft includes an occupiable "castle" feature as well as a built in entertainment center.
  • Home Office Perspective
    Features from left to right: religious niche, small gallery space, sliding barn door, and minimal 3Form desk.
  • Master Bedroom Perspective
    Featuring a recessed lighting alcove at the base of the windows that adjusts for different lighting schemes.
  • Cultural Research & Inspiration Board