United by Blue Challenge

  • My piece and collection were inspired by textures and patterns found in the world around us. The moss growing between the bark make tiny dots that make up larger organic shapes. The waves crashing in the ocean create white cap lines in the dark blue background. And when the waves freeze over, new geometric patterns are formed in the cracking ice. This piece is about being feminine and beautiful without the constraints of typical girly stereotypes. About beauty in the small aspects of nature that combine to create a breathtaking appearance. 
  • This texture is created by painting a flour and water paste onto the chambray. The paste hardens and can be cracked to make the patters. I then paint on many layers of acrylic paint, cracking the paste again between each layer. 
  • For the skirt I choose to actually break off some of the flour paste to make a slightly different texture from the top. Both of these could be translated into a print for wearable garments as seen in my collection below. 
  • Each of the pieces of Chambray I used were first tea dyed, and then dyed again to get a darker blue color. The print here, which is also used for the hem of the dress, is what happens when you completely remove the flour. The flour paste acts as a resist, and the cracks allow the paint to seep through onto the fabric. This print could easily be reproduced and used for wearable garments. When completely cleaned it still has the softness and lightness of the chambray, but with an interesting print reminiscent of broken ice. 
  • The pieces I created for a wearable collection are feminine, but not girly. The pieces can easily move between seasons depending on how they are layered making them desirable for a costumer who chooses to purchase a few well made garments, that they will love and wear in over time. 
    The first look is a boxy sweatshirt knit top with the shoulder pieces constructed of a thicker knit with a print based off of the crackled flour texture. It is short sleeved and easy to wear over any other shirt. The pants are chambray with the flour resist print. Cuffs and a waistband are created from a thick warm knit that would be very comfortable and make the pants extremely wearable. 
    The second look was inspired by a simple chambray shirt, but transformed into a dress. The chambray in this dress would also be the flour resist print. Around the waist a belt made of the same thick knit print based off of the cackled flour texture. This look transforms between seasons by layering over thick tights and socks.
    The third look is a jumper dress that is sturdy and easy to layer as well. It is show worn over an off the shoulder simple knit shirt. The straps and hem would also be the thick knit print based off of the crackled flour texture.