Peabody Ricca Website

  • Peabody Ricca Project : 
    To redesign the peabody ricca website using sprites, jquery image gallery and google map. I like the creative and interactive.
  • Using Sprites: This was my project in which I had learn how to work with sprites. The plus sign turns purple when you put the hand cursor over the plus sign. The "Add some hobbies" is seen. Techniques, HTML5/CSS3, sprites coding, jQuery. 
  • Using Sprites: I enjoyed learning new coding, learn to work on sprites coding. I was ask to create a website  with various techniques where I have to use sprites on the left-side tab and the plus sign. With great difficulty, I managed to get the right coding. I was given two option by a prof. whether to work with jQuery or Javacscript. I love jQuery as its has many various and beautiful techniques.
  • jQuery Techniques.
  • I was asked to create the visible and invisible with the pictures and checkbox. I choose to work on pikachoose jQuery where I have to work with the checkbox. Once you select the checkbox then the pictures appears. The next image. 
  • Once you select the checkbox of the "Enemies" then the pictures disappears again.