A Character Going on a Trip - A Short Story

  • A short story about Albus Dumbledore for my Travel Writing class.
    Prompt: A character going on a trip.
  • Albus Dumbledore stroked his long beard thoughtfully.
    He was standing in the middle of King’s Cross Station, staring wistfully up at the large electronic sign that bore the incoming train times. A single plain black suitcase sat at his feet.
    People hurried past him, pushing carts with large suitcases and trunks and bags, always in such a rush to get somewhere. But Dumbledore was in no particular rush at all, feeling rather unlike the rest of the world; as, being the greatest wizard that ever lived, he often did.
    But in the afterlife, Dumbledore found that he was able to live a new life. Since his death and corresponding departure from the earthen world, his tired old soul, battle-scarred from his lifelong fight against Dark forces, felt rejuvenated. He was suddenly ready to pursue that flighty temptress, adventure.
    In the afterlife, it was – as they say – ‘your party,’ and so Dumbledore’s party included life being as normal as it could possibly be. Despite being much older, much cleverer than most wizards, he was comfortable with what he perceived to be a normal life, and did not wish to imagine anything different. Thus, the train station was as crowded and noisy and busy as it would have been on any other normal Earth day.
    But today, he decided, would be a nice day to take the train somewhere. The question he was currently faced with, however, was where exactly he should allow the train to take him.
    Time did not make fools of individuals in the afterlife. In fact, Dumbledore was not quite sure that the notion of time even existed there. He rather felt that he literately had all the time in the world.
    But with all the time – if such a thing really existed – to do as he pleased, shouldn’t he grow bored of this new life to which he was sentenced forever?
    He recalled his own wise words: To the well organized mind, death is but the next great adventure. As the train rolled in, brakes screeching loudly as it slowed on the track, he stepped smartly onto the platform, ready to begin his next great adventure.