Maverick22 Advertising Agency

  • Advertising Agency located in Northeast Philadelphia
    Design VI - Spring 2014
  • This space will feature a contrasting color pallette in order to create an energetic work environment. The bright purple, yellow and turquoise will pop against the dark flooring and existing structure that shall be comprised of different shades of gray, with a few white elements to add contrast and create a further sense of modernity. The color selection is meant to mimic the excitement of a city lit up at night, and will not only provide a sense of excitement for its users but also serve as wayfinding.
  • Perspective view of the reception area.
  • Perspective view of the waiting area.
  • Perspective view of the main hallway.
  • Perspective view of the conference room.
  • Perspective of the workstations.
  • Detail of the workstations.
  • The material selection for this space creates a modern and fresh space by utilizing sleek materials. Dark carpet with a simple design will be used for main circulation, offices and workstation areas, while a dark plaster laminate will be used in the unique conference room, brainstorming pod, and outdoor seating area. Selected upholstery is both comfortable and sustainable and will provide a pleasurable and exciting experience for its users.