FUZE: Riverviaduct Cycle Center

  • Design 6
    Philadelphia University
  • RVCC
  • The RVCC is a bicycle center, cafe, and gallery that serves as a connection point for the various forms of circulation (bikers, walkers, runners, skaters) on the site in the Fairmount neighborhood of Philadelphia to meet, and a transition from the park and activity at ground level into the tunnel on site. To restore the tunnel and make it usuable space for the community, it will be engaged by the RVCC with green space. The park will extend from the ground level of the site, through green walls and green roofs of the RVCC, and into the tunnel and the city creating a new path to cross the busy Eakins Oval for pedestrians and bikers. The tunnel and surrounding area is filled with graffiti art. The RVCC will blend into the demographic of the area by incorporating a street art program inside of the tunnel that will become a canvas for local artists, and a gallery for those passing through the tunnel.