Stratum Advertising Agency

  • For this project, I created a visually stimulating environment, combining aspects of advertisements with the design process to give employees a working environment that inspires ideas. This is done by layering the design process in plan, the top band being the calculations and behind the scenes process to the work, the middle band being the collaboration space, and the bottom band being where it is all created. 
  • Lobby space
  • Floor Plan
    Raised floor with concrete tiles to allow acces to HVAC system underneath. 
  • Section
    Showcases both employee entrances as well as the conference room. 
  • Reflected Ceiling Plan
    Open structure with dropped in ceilings and a band of acoustical wood slats over the open work area. 
  • Rendering of the open work area with views of the brainstorming areas. 
  • Rendering of the garden with view of the conference room on the left.
  • This project was modeled in Revit, rendered in 3ds Max, and edited in Photoshop.