Vein Interchange

  • Solar Study
    Model - Testing the Summer Sun's Impact on the building.
  • The Paine’s bicycle center is aimed toward improving the recreational facilities in the city of Philadelphia. To meet the edge conditions of various surroundings such as the road, railway, river and the skate park, the method of several components will solve the problem. As a result, when one approaches the path from the north (road), one does not expect the site to drop downwards into a new underground architectural element. As one enters the skate park, one is surprised with one’s descent into a bicycle center.
  • The light rail connects Paine's Park to the Museums of Philadelphia particularly the Philadelphia Art Museum and the Rhodin Museum. In the opposite direction it connects to the main transit hub, 30th street station. Lastly, the rail connects to the Reading Viaduct, consequently improving recreation in Philadelphia.
  • View from Paine's Park (Top of the Tunnel)
  • View of Station (Summer - 21st June at 2pm)
  • View of Café juxtaposed with the Light Rail Station
  • Aerial View of Project (Model)
  • Entry into the Station (Model)
  • Detailed model emphasizing on the skin of the Vein Interchange
  • Process Models leading to the formal, programmatic and tectonic design
  • Enjoy Healthy Drinks at the Vein Interchange Cafe