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  • Germantown High School_LOOK SHARE discover
  • In honor of the 100th anniversary of Germantown High School and in commemoration of the previous 99 classes that call Germantown High their alma mater, a new vision for education is being proposed.
    Through building transparancy interior activity is exposed to landscape activity. Building and landscape program is directly related by incorporating outdoor workshops and classrooms that relate to the classroom instruction.
  •  a high school, skillshare, and career training.
  • section investigation leading to demolition and phasing proposal.
  • phasing strategy.
  • stormwater analysis.
  • proposed campus promoting the curious to look for skills that can be shared.
  • section through visual and culinary arts wing highlighting walled orchard.
  • section through performing arts and atrium of discovery.
  • section through design wing, tech wing, and industrial arts building.
  • the curious looking into the atrium of discovery.
  • looking into the walled orchard, next to the walled orchard.
  • cerimonial stairs and orchard process sketch.
  • cerimonial stairs process section.
  • orchard process sketch
  • rain garden process sketch.
  • alley workshop process sketch.