• Project in plan at night
  • All living organisms in nature have a method and style that allows for functionality within environments. Why is this not yet completely true for the man made world?

    Because of the extreme similarities that the cellular world has in terms of systems in relation to cities, one can observe techniques performed in nature that could enhance life at the human scale. For instance, highways, roads, and paths carry strong similarities to arteries, veins and capillaries - each with distinct objectives and methods to optimal performance. The railway located on the site sits among heavy vehicular circulation, making it an extension of the network of circulation that congests the site. By treating it as an extension of pedestrian traffic circulation facilitates itself for use and drastically lowers the danger of crossing ongoing traffic.

    Reading Viaduct node connecting the viaduct and the railway connects straight to Paines Park

  • The current dense urban development is dominantly composed of circulation, most certainly due to the large amount of space that vehicles take in order to reach destinations. Consequently, this is also a huge reason for increased congestion and danger in the city. As a result, the city of Philadelphia does not only require a bike center to promote and provide bikes to the public; it requires a path that begin to bridge and connect the public without the need or danger of vehicles.
  • Concept sketch
  • The gestural drawing is aimed to organize the project through plan, by developing varieties of access similar to capillaries. Capillaries facilitate transaction between the blood vessel and the neighboring cells.
  • Process Diagrams
  • Perspective from within tunnel
  • Light channeling devices natural lighting
    Glowing artistic installation
  • Building Perspective
  • Roof plan
  • Building plan
  • simplified assembly
  • Tunnel Section
  • Because of the nature of the project, minimal thermal control is necessary - the tunnel is left as a structure with openings at ideal entering and exiting locations to pedestrian-occupied space. The variety of openings scattered throughout the passageway allow for passive ventilation of air to take place.
  • Although Philadelphia’s climate oscillates from snowy winters to hot and humid summers, light channeling devices scattered all throughout the tunnel and the bike center take advantage of the orientation in which the site is in relation to direct sunlight.