HIVE Advertising Agency

    Intended to mimic the structure and function of beehives to enhance communication, collaboration, and creativity. The workers can move freely around the open work areas, similar to the way honeybees move freely around the honeycombs when they build them.
  • Final Presentation Board
  • View of Entrance
  • View of Conference Room
  • View of Open Work Area
    Site: Permeable pavers, plantings to shade buildings, walks, and terraces (deciduous trees, etc.), local, low-maintenance plantings, bike racks
    Building Interiors: skylights for internal natural light and ventilation, solar panels, geothermal energy, solar heating, green roofs, green walls and indoor plants to improve air quality, motorized shades, natural light and views in main spaces and offices, eco-friendly lighting (LED and fluorescent), automatic sensors for lighting, heating/cooling, and water faucets, carbon dioxide monitors, water efficient fixtures and toilets, task lighting with lower levels for ambient lighting, raised floor system and individual controls for heating/cooling, eco-friendly materials, recycled materials, recycling receptacles, combination of individual workstations, collaborative work areas, and breakout spaces to increase productivity and job satisfaction.
  • Floor Plan
  • Raised Floor Plan
  • Reflected Ceiling Plan
  • South Section
  • East Section
  • Finish Board
  • Wood Model
  • Wood Model