Site Location for Urban Farms in Philadelphia

  • Context:
    Given the abundant and fertile farmland available, there is an enormous opportunity to bring healthier locally produced, organically grown food to the communities and homes. 
    We have to work to bring back programs that support farmers markets and put healthy, locally grown food into the schools.
  • Program:
    Locate appropriate sites for developing Urban farms in Philadelphia to support the Farm to table food industry and to promote healthy agricultural practices.
  • Intent and Scale of study:
    The project goal is to identify the existing urban farms and the proximity to farmers markets. 
    Then to locate suitable sites for the farms by analyzing proximity to high density and high income neighborhoods, proximity to water sources and the ground water table. 
    The scale is for the Philadelphia county for the first two goals and then concentrate on a specific locality with the most opportunity for the site suitability study.
  • Sources:
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