Grandma's Golden Potato Chips

  • Grandma's Golden Potato Chip Packaging
    A potato chip brand conveying the warmth of home & a grandma's love
  • Grandma’s Golden is a conceptual brand of potato chips. Its a family-owned brand that creates an organic, non-GMO product. They stay true to their wholesome values and produce potato chips using their grandmother’s very own recipe. The Golden family aims to share their family with yours and convey feelings of home. Grandma’s Golden is all about homemade and homegrown goodness, with Grandma’s love in every batch.
  • The 3 Flavors: Original Recipe, Downhome Barbecue, and Lightly Seasoned
  • Back panel copy reads: "Here at Grandma’s Golden we do everything the way Grandma Golden herself always did. We’re about homegrown goodness and keeping it simple like the good old days. We use all-natural organic non-GMO potatoes, or as they used to call them back in the day: “potatoes”.  No funny business, just honest wholesome snacks. Our mission is to bring Grandma Golden’s love to the masses. So enjoy, from our family to yours."