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  • An occasional indulgence into the darker side of literature, cinema, history, music and more, Vault of Thoughts is my blog, developed using WordPress. It was initially started to promote my collection of short stories: Little Knives: Twelve Tales of Horror and the Supernatural — a book that Horror-Web called “deliciously terrifying.”
  • By customizing one of the latest WordPress freely available templates, I assembled a blog that is not only pleasing to the eye but also device-friendly. While little more than a hobby, the blog at is, in many ways, a culmination of all of the many and varied interests, talents and skills that I've developed over twenty years in areas such as web design and development, and film and literary criticism.
  • Of the many posts to the blog, the most popular has been a study of photographs taken of Edgar Allan Poe over the course of his lifetime. Can these photos reveal clues into the possible cause of Poe's mysterious death?
    Viewed over 5,000 times with 425 Facebook likes, GENIUS, GIN AND GLUCOSE: THE DEATH OF E.A. POE is just one of the dozens of posts that have dealt with topics as wide-ranging as the mythology and history behind the celebration of the new year to our psycho-social and cultural needs for the character of the scarecrow. From the silent films of Theda Bara to classic Universal Monsters to the more modern Hammer Horrors and the success of shows like Walking Dead on television today, the darker side of entertainment is explored, as is music, philosophy, science and technology.