Menswear and Childrenswear - Patternmaking Spring 2013

  • In my first patternmaking class we used flat pattern methods to create a menswear and a womenswear look, keeping in mind specific muses and target markets. The market I chose was young designer.  My menswear design was inspired by a young man in his late 20s-early 30s, who is an ambitious and innovative business man working for an up and coming local business.  His eco-conscious, active lifestyle means that he bikes to work, and this paired with his busy schedule means that his clothing needs to be able to mold to every situation.  The vest is made out of organic linen with a reflective polyester lining, and the shirt and pants are both made out of organic cotton.  Both the lining of the vest and the seam finishes on the pants are reflective, neon yellow so that when the pants are cuffed and the vest turned inside out (it is reversible), the rider is clearly visible.  Then the pants can be unrolled, and the vest turned right side out to be worn at the office.  The tee shirt is simple but has an added touch of sophistication with a cowlneck so that even without the vest in a more casual setting he is still well dressed.  
  • My childrenswear design was inspired by a young girl (4-8) who lives in the city as an only child with her wealthy parents.  She loves playing dress up and staging tea parties, and her mother loves dressing her as a posh, "mini-me".  My market was designer, and I created a sophisticated boatneck sheath dress with a matching capelet.  The dress is fully lined with functional pockets and capped sleeves, with buttons in the back.  The capelet has a mandarin collar and a frog closure for an added sense of poise.