Soft Structures

  • Soft Structures
    "Quirky, innovative, fresh, and inspiring - she looks to everyday to reinvent her style. Effortlessly evolving vintage items into new, purposeful styles. Sometimes she includes unconventional materials in her recreations. She admires clothing that have both clean lines with edgy flare. She is hardworking, confident, and achieves any goal she sets forth. She believes in success and her dedication to her job proves just that. Her polish, poise, and strength in her appearance mimics her strong fashion sense."
    Inspired by two projects completed in my Problem Solving class, a class exploring the use of unconventional materials in garments, I devloped a girl who is young, wild, and free. The color palette for this collection is simple utilizing two primary colors, as well as, black, white, and tan. Fabrics are very affordable in price.
    Above image is moodboard for illustrated collection below. 
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