"Duality" | A Space for the Spoken Word

  • Christian IV's Brewhouse is located in one of the most historical areas of Copenhagen, right at the entrance of Frederiksholm Canal from the Copenhagen Harbor. It was originally built as a fortification for military purposes, hence the enormous outer walls, but has since been repurposed as a brewery, a depot, and now as an exhibition space for various stone figurines from Danish castles and gardens.

    This project asked us to choose one room in the brewhouse and create a "space for the spoken word," where poetry readings can take place and visitors can contemplate the stone figurines located throughout the building. We were prompted to create an installation that doesn't change or harm the existing building in any way, and to choose either wood or metal as our primary material. 

    My intention was to create a space that fosters performance and contemplation as separate entities. Using the theory of duality, the space was divided in two; by drawing inspiration from the taijitu (yin-yang) the activity of performance is juxtaposed with the stillness of contemplation.