The Umbilical Water Filter

  • For this project, I was tasked with developing a product to address the water crisis. After much developement and research, I developed the Umbilical water filter. This filter is designed for use in rural africa where clean water is scarce and distant from villages. 
  • Every element of the Umbilical is designed to be easily replaced by objects commonly found in rural Africa.
  • The filter attatches to two jerry cans. The top one is carried on the user's head, while the other is held on by a strap on the back.
  • The top jerry can is filled with dirty water, which flows through the umbilical's tube, through the filter fitting (represented here by the green arrow), and into the bottom tank.
  • The filter is composed of three materials: sand or gravel to catch particles, charcoal to scrub toxins, and crushed Moringa Oliferia seeds to kill bacteria. These seeds are commonly eaten with soup in rural Africa.