Maverick 22: Advertising Firm

  • Concept
    The design behind Maverick 22 is based off of the expanded form of folded paper that has been fractured into a series of fluctuating ceiling planes that condense in certain areas, forming partitions. This fragmented form also presents in the angled extensions from the original shell and the shaping and flexibility of the private offices.Beginning in the Northeast corner of the building, this element begins along the ceiling and radiates from that point throughout the rest of the space. 
  • View from Waiting Area Looking Over Gallery Space
    The entrance to the firm begins the fragemented element that undulates throughout the space and pulls the viewer inside. The irregular vestibule opens to the waiting area which houses the gallery space. The firm's work is displayed on a series of layered screens that can be programmed to show individual work or a singular piece split amongst all of the screens. The front desk utilizes angles points visitors towards the central hub of the firm. Combined with the flexible gallery, both elements reinforce the concept of fragmentation. 
  • Color Scheme
    These colors were chosen to create a comfortable yet stimulating work environment for the building’s users. muted tones were used to help workers concentrate and concentrate the viewers attention of the metal elements throughout the space. 
  • View of Main Work Areas
    The work areas and workstations were chosen and arranged to encourage collaboration between workers of different departments and allow for flexibility and customization. Supervisors are concentrated along the edges of each work area and are given smaller units. The heads of the departments are concentrated along the walls to separate senior management from the areas immediately accesible by visitors.
  • Department Head Offices
    The offices along the walls are constructed from recycled sheet metal and metal mesh. Each plane is connected by the metal mesh to reinforce the fragmentation of the ceiling and wall elements. This also alllows these units to shift or change shape, depending on the user's needs. The panels are higher to provide more privacy, but they are lower than the ceiling to prevent the feeling of an enclosed cell. This element is also used in the administrative support staff and financial departments. 
  • View of Brainstorming Area and "Greenery" Relief. 
  • Sustainability Notes:

    - Water cisterns recirculate water throughout the space 
    - Glazing concentrated on South for optimal daylighting
    - Low-flow toilets to conserve water
    - Repurposed materials for partitions and recycled concrete flooring
    - "Greenery" relief made from recycled materials
    - Permeable pavers in parking lot and along pathways for better water drainage
    - Skylights to reduce need for interior lighting 
    - Louvers extend across patio space hold solar panels to collect energy and recirculate it throughout the     building