Geo-Versal Relief Shelter, Design VIII

  • This project seeks to serve those who have been deported from their homes due to emergency¬†situations. This shelter is designed to be quickly and massively deployed in a range of climates to provide people with the shelter they need to stay safe during situations such as natural or social disaster.
  • The beginning of the design process began with the idea of a thermal envelope that could serve any environment. A layered envelope consisting of a water resistant nylon shell, an air space, and a unique insulative layer made of clear greenhouse plastic with pocketed cells (bubble walls), in which users can stuff the cells with insulative materials found on site, forms the groundwork for a shell that can be modified with operable openings to serve any climate.
  • For quick deployment and structural and cost efficiency, as well as a thermally efficient form, the design takes a shape inspired by the geodesic dome. The dome is structured with PVC pipes and can be transported disassembled for space efficiency, and then assembled on site.