National Constitution Center — Systems Design

  • The National Constitution Center celebrates many holidays that are important to the history of the United States. The task was to gain awareness and drive people into the National Constiution Center for the celebrations. I have created "Holidation", which represents the celebration and commemoration of our civic holidays. Through the event guide, people are able to read about days that interest them and find the activities that are most appealing. From there, they can use the app to further plan their days at the National Constitution Center. The Advertising Campaign sparks interest for people to inquire more about the day and embrace the celebrations that are happening at the Constitution Center in Philadelphia, PA.
  • Publication: This event guide features all activities happening at the center. This is meant to be used in conjuction with the website or application to plan days at the National Constitution Center.
  • Advertising Campaign: Banner Ad (Election Day), Subway Ad (4th of July), Poster Ad (Earth Day) and Pole Banners outside of the National Constitution Center.
  • Application: Viewers can read about what's going on at the National Constitution Center regarding civic holidays, plan their days and also hold their tickets in one convenient location.
  • Website: Another way for viewers to read up on the days, as well as plan their visit!