Advanced Visualization Presentation Board

  • The goal of this assignment is to build upon the techniques from earlier projects while applying these techniques on a “real-world” situation, namely our design studio project. 
    During this project we learned about:
    • Advanced application of image maps (diffuse maps)
    • Creating bump maps in Photoshop & applying bump maps in 3DMax
    • Creating reflectivity maps in Photoshop & applying reflectivity maps in 3DMax
    • Creating transparency maps in Photoshop & applying transparency maps
    • Creating glow maps in Photoshop & applying glow maps
    • Incorporating people in your perspectives
    Required settings in 3D model:
    Field of view settings:
    • Viewport viewing angle: 70° or higher

    3D Max settings:
    • Use Daylight system
    • Use daylight portals when appropriate
    • Electric lights must be turned on
    • Light fixtures/lamps must appear to glow (“look turned on”)
    • Proper Mental Ray materials and settings