Germantown Industrial History Museum

    This museum's mission is to showcase the chain of textile production and manufacturing in the various Philadelphia neighborhoods over the course of history.
    The architecture of this museum is intended to express each neighborhood's individual contributions to the local textile manufacturing industry through interconnected galleries and communal areas.
  • Selected Process Sketches
  • View from mezzanine showing interconnected galleries
  • Manayunk Industry History Gallery featuring interactive display tables
  • Cafe concept featuring custom fabric wrapped structures and outdoor seating/green space
  • View of entrance and ticket window
  • Longitudinal Section
  • Cross Section
  • Main Level Reflected Ceiling Plan
    The lighting and material selections have been chosen to create functional and high quality spaces.  Lighting is an extremely important aspect in the design of a museum, as the items being displayed are often light sensitiive.  In my design lighting is used to differentiate spaces and create glowing galleries with an overall soft, indirect quality of light.
  • Mezzanine Level Floor Plan
  • Main Level Floor/Site Plan
  • Lower Level Floor Plan
  • Main Display Detail
  • Stair Detail
  • Material Concept