Breaking New Ground Housing Competition

  • Overall Site Plan
  • Rendering of North West Entry to Site 
  • Base Grid or "Cuadricula" laid over site
  • Distortion of Grid based on Climate
  • Built Environment vs. Green Space
  • Site Circulation
  • Rear Park Looking North
  • Resulting grid space used for Educational Buildings.
    Red = Desert Construction and Civil Learning
    Orange = Agriculture
  • Modify base geometry for setbacks allowing for circulation around the two buildings,
  • Extrude geomotries to maximum allowable height (30 Feet).
  • Expand agriculture and create an accessible roof.
                  -It is easier for vegetation to grow on sloped surfaces.
                 -Accessible roof creates viewpoints throughout the valley
  • Optimize roof slopes for solar shading.
  • Create entries for the buildings along with an overhang for those living on site to wait for the bus.
  • Typical Housing Unit
            -Courtyard House allows for open circulation, taking advatange of passive ventilation, and thermal mass.
           - Each house contains a covered porch area as a means of creating a transition between public and private space.
           -Housing on site can accomodate two, four, and six person families.
  • Rendering of Typical Housing Porch.
  • Housing Section cut through courtyard.
  • Rendering next to housing entries, looking north along main path.