Erde | The Wissahickon Museum of Geology and Ecology

  • Concept Statement:
    The Erde Musuem has a cultural focus that highlights this area’s natural ecology and geology. The main goal of this project is to educate the Germantown Area on the natural environment surrounding its community.
  • Branding Mock-Up
  • Basement Floor Plan
  • Main Floor Plan
  • Mezzanine Floor Plan
  • Section Facing East
  • Section Facing North
  • Rock exhibit: shows examples of the types of rocks you might see in the Wissahickon area (this means you can either see them here today or the environment is suitable for their existence). The right boulder showcases a large piece of gneiss. The left shows a quartzite Stalactite/Stalagmite exhibit. 
  • View Looking From Basement Seating: Users of the space can comfortable relax in this downstairs area. The purpose of this rendering is to show highlight the Main Gallery within the proposed project.
  • Concept Perspective: This rendering depicts the view available to the Museum Director directly from his desk. Having a line of professional oversight allows for increased security and lets the space feel more open to the people inhabiting it.
  • View Looking From Cafe: Highlights the range of vision visible to a visitor immediately upon leaving the cafe area. This rendering also showcases the architecture being built and how it interacts with the space.    
  • View Looking Down From Ramp: This is and ADA compliant ramp that brings visitors down onto a lowered deck that features displays telling you what trees are featured in the museum and some other trees that grow in the area.