HYDRO RISE - Design 9

  • The Hydro Rise project consists of developing a design that solves a major¬†regional or global issue with an economic, social, or environmental basis. The project was designed for the EVOLO Skyscraper Design Competition, and was developed as a two person team. When defining he problem, we carefully discussed how architecture could be applied to a problem. The California drought was determined¬† to be the core of our project because the drought is a semi permanent problem, and the form of a tower is very functional for this program. Special detail was considered for the technologies that would need to be developed to ensure that all of San Francisco has access to potable water. The function of the tower serves as a vertical distillation tower that uses the tide to push water into a water heating tank. The tank brings the water to boiling temperature, which generates steam that travels up the exposed branch pipes. Steam condenses at the top, and then collects in a tank after being filtered.