Branding Project

  • Branding Project 
    Client: Citylight Church, Philadelphia
    Position: Graphic Designer 
    Brand Strategy Concept: An Adopted Family
    In collaboration with Ben Masanga, Creative Director & David Yoder, Copywriter 
    Through a five month process, this small team of 3 was was able to prove a brand from the discovery phase through the final concept approval. Working along side the lead and assistant pastors of Citylight Church, we created a discovery questionnaire, creative brief, unique selling proposition (USP), and the brand concept, "An Adopted Family". We then set out to prove this concept through the creation of brand art and multiple advertising mediums. 
    Your brand is derived from who you are and who you want to be. It should be clear, concise, and consistent.
  • Rationale: An Adopted Family:
    Citylight Church is a home for broken people, but it’s not a broken home. Sometimes we all feel a little orphaned by life. None of us are perfect, or have the “perfect family”. But in Jesus, is every perfect relationship we never had, but always dreamed of: the supportive brother, the comforting mother, the faithful friend, and a father who chose us as His own.  Being a part of Citylight means having truthful and transformational conversations about the difficult and beautiful realities of life, to know and be known, to love and be loved.  And we gather around the table every Sunday, because grace has made space for all of us, and there is always a place reserved for you. We are always looking for long lost family.  Have a seat, and welcome home.
  • Mood Board, An Adopted Family
  • Brand Art, 1
  • Brand Art, 2 (comprehensive)
  • Brand Art, 3
  • Proof of Concept,1 (Facebook)
  • Advertisement 1
  • Advertisement 2
  • Advertisement 3
  • Proof of Concept, 2
  • Proof of Concept, 3