Look! It's Baby(doll) New Year!

  • This happens to me right before every significant and fun event, I get upset.  And it’s because I go shopping online and in stores tirelessly searching for a dress in my head that doesn’t exist. I envision exactly what I want from head to toe for the event and become let down when it doesn’t appear in front of me.  But that’s the problem! What I see myself wearing is created from my imagination and doesn’t exist.  And time after time I settle for a dress that’s beautiful and great but not perfect and what I pictured.  So with 2015 rolling in quickly I decided to start one of my New Year’s resolutions early.  And that resolution is:
    Instead of settling for what is available, move on to what you know you deserve and create your own path
    Now although this resolution seem a little too deep for just a dress, it still applies.  So, instead of being disappointed and hopeless to bring in the new year, I decided to revive my hope, use my fashion designing skills (who knew right?) and skip shopping all together.  Well not exactly, I had to buy the fabric, but besides that, created my own path for the PERFECT NYE dress.
  • Check it out on my blog:
  • The Materials:
    Lace Trim
    Feather Trim
    Mesh Netting
    Black Stretch Lycra
  • Style Inspiration 1
  • Style Inspiration 2
  • Style Inspiration 3
  • The Patterning Process
  • The dress consists of 2 layers:
    * the underlay- which is nylon lycra with a finished hem and 2 layers of feathered trim
    * the overlay - which is mesh with a delicate lace trim at the hem and the sleeve hem as well as chain and beadwork chording around the hem as well as detaling on the neckline
  • the first layer:
    Nylon Lycra sleeveless trapeze style body with finished hem and feather trim
  • underlayer with the basic overlay mesh layer ontop
  • The overlay mesh layer with lace hem
  • Neckline detaling: 
    Mesh raw edge with chain and beaded chording
  • Overlay hem detailing:
    Adding chain and beading chording to hem as well
  • Fishised neck and hem detailing for the mesh overlay
  • Emily Ray Collection Labels
  • Hem detailing
  • Fully finished dress (front view)
  • Fully Finished Dress (back view)
  • Finished Product!!! Styled with solid black tights, combat boots, dark lip and natural curls
  • Even passes the twirl test!