Reforming Botany

  • The collection that focuses on reforming the botanic beauty into something innovative and logical.
  • Concept Board.
    Grow up my inspiration of hybrid botanic elements and countour artwork, collage art, scientific analytics and sliding game.
  • Color Borad
  • Reconstructed Garden.
    Make the combination of watercolor drawing, Chinese claborate-style painting, collage art of dry petal. I want to create a feeling of seeking in a fantacy garden, which is filled of  manmade natural creatures.
    These creatures still keep the original form but change the materials inside.
  • Size:36x36 inches
    Mapping on the wall.
  • Dress up.
    Make used of bouquets to create the lady dresses. Imagine that they are attending in a runway show, a Friday-night party,  a cocktail lounge or just laying in the beach under sunshine.
  • Size: 27x27 inches.
    Mapping: botique lady dress.
  • Silding Flower Game.
    Handcraft. Fold paper flowers. Create the wrinkle effects.
    Every flower fill up a 3*3 square sliding game. The squares can shift, the order is in random.
    The shift process is a great representation of reforming. The squares were broken up, but they still had a link with each other. 
  • Size: 27*27 inches
    Mapping: Rain coat. 
  • Wire Flowers and Magazine Collage.
    Hybrid two kinds of flower shapes to create a liner pattern.