Decompose & Recompose

  • This Collection is about the process of decomposing & recomposing.
    Decomposition botanic beauty. One is the last blooming of flowers. Another one is tearing off the botanic dictionary.
    Recomposition contains two designs, one is the collage of magazine to create a urban city. Another one is the mathematic process of how the triangle transit to square, and then transit to hexagon, and then to the triangle.
  • The last blooming.
    Collected the musty flowers and braches (or using heat press machine to push them dead), combined with flower coutour drawing to create a musty beauty.
    Size: 49*27
  • Coordinates
  • Urban City (Collage of photography and magazine)
    Size: 27*27
  • Coordinate
  • A mathematic way to process a transition from triangle to square, to hexagon and finally to the triangle.
  • Tearing the botanic dictionary.