Individualized Decay

  • Individualized Decay
    Individualized Decay was inspired by my most recent trip to Dakar, Senegal, in which I visited the infamous Goree Island, once a stop on the Atlantic Slave Trade.  The beauty within the deteriorating buildings intrigued me instantly – bright colors, a variety of textures, pattern, depth – each building containing its own history and untold story. I embarked upon a journey to create a collection that told those stories: to demonstrate the beauty within what it deemed “ugly” by its horrific past. Representing a woman who is confident, poised, and intrigued by the world’s ambience, my designs truly capture the essence of my muse.
    Above is the moodboard for the collection. 
  • Pictured are the fabrics used in the collection. The top row of fabrics are custom jacquard weaves that were created for me through two collaborations I did with two graduate textile students at my university. Below those are the complementary fabrics. To the right of the fabrics are the trims and beading techniques used throughout the collection. 
  • Photos of deterioration and decay of a various buildings taken by myself on Goree Island in Dakar, Senegal. 
  • Artistic, customer board demonstrating her likes and hobbies. 
  • Looks 1-4
  • Looks 5-7
  • Looks 8-10
  • The looks that I constructed paired with their cooresponding technical flats created with Adobe Illustrator. 
  • Top: Looks on my models during my final crit.
    Bottom Left: Halter maxi with chain applications at neck; "Goree Island" jacquard shrug with hand beading application at neckline.
    Bottom Right: Knit dress with 2 layer chiffon skirt and beaded straps; "Deterioration" jacquard overcoat. 
  • Top Left: Bleached denim sleeveless top; "Goree Island" tri-textured jacquard mini skirt with wide waistband and sporadic gold beading.
    Top Right: Bleached denim, pleated waist, boyfriend capri; Embossed organza bustier; "Goree Island" jacqaurd mini jacket.
    Bottom: "Deterioration" jacquard high-waist short; Crinkle, open-back shirt with chain closure; Oversized, chiffon cardigan with trim at neckline that has additional hand beading.