Alexander Haba - ADFND-112: Technics of Communication

  • Project 1: Documentation_A
    The project was to sketch a perspective of the East Falls Bridge and a Site plan
  • Project 1: Documentation_B
    The project was to provide 4 persepctive pictures of the East Falls Bridge
  • Project 1: Documentation_C
    The project was to create a collage of the East Falls Bridge by assembling several pictures together
  • Project 2: Manipulation
    The purpose of this project was to use photoshop to enhance 4 images taken of the East Falls Bridge. Each edit was intended to help capture a story or moment in each picture.
  • Project 3: Collage
    The project was take an image of the East Falls Bridge and hand draw a specific part of it to capture a moment in the image. Then to insert the drawing into the the digital image using photoshop.
  • Project 4: Manipulation
    The project was to draw a one or two point perspective of the house that we are currently studying in the Design 2 studio. After the drawing was completed we used photoshop to create a digital textural reading of our house in its respective environment.
  • Project 5: Representation 1
    The project was to pick an object and hand draft several drawings to represent it. Then create a clean layout using photoshop and illustrator.
  • Project 6: Representation 2
    The project was to create the same drawings as the last project, except this time it was to be done entirely using illustrator.
  • Project 7: Freeswim
    The project was to redo one of our previous projects and create a side-by-side comparison of the original and redo.