Fleetwood Fixtures Sugar Lab Display for MoMA

  •     The Fleetwood Sprint Challenge was a sponsored team project by Fleetwood Fixtures to create an interactive, modular, social, and future-based display in a one-week intensive time frame.  I was project manager for my team, and the design we created won 1st place in its category.  The scale model from the project currently resides on display in the design studio at Philadelphia University, and pictures of the model currently reside in the main lobby at Fleetwood Fixtures. 
  • Sample of Process
  • The Sugar Lab’s product are considered a luxury dessert, similar to well-known brands in candy such as Ghirardelli and Godiva. Therefore, we chose the Museum of Modern Art’s stores, such as the MoMa Store located in Soho, New York to facilitate our product. The design language of the MoMa’s store seamlessly coincides with that of Sugar Lab, while our product directly refects the arts and design community. 
  • The modularity of the space is located where most of the attention will be directed: at the 3D printers and their desserts. We designed movable and customizable wall panels that can be slid into place, allowing for complete re-design of walls –both on the outside and inside of the space. We have already created a collection of several different panels to be used in the space, but with this simple sliding mechanism, more panel designs can be created for future purposes.
  • Sugar Lab App
  • The official Sugar Lab App was designed to further enhance the user experience and create a more balanced online/offline experience. The app allows users to order pre-made prints from the store from anywhere and keep track of it's process. Once the print is finished, they may pick it up in store using the QR code. 
  • Sugar Lab App
  • The app also allows users to customize their own print using a selection a pre-set shapes and color patters. Users also have the ability to bring their own CAD file to a Sugar Lab location and have it printed if they want to make personal prints.  These personal prints can be entered into "Sugar Lab's Design of the Month", a monthly competition to design the coolest 3-D printed dessert as voted by all users (Denoted space in second menu screen).  The winner gets their print sold in stores for the proceeding month! This gives users the opportunity to showcase their work in a public space while also promoting Sugar Lab.
  • Project Credit - 
    Xin Qi – Graduate Student in Industrial Design – Philadelphia University 
    Andrew Townes – Now graduated Student in Industrial Design - Philadelphia University Alumni 
    Kyle Thorpe – Junior Student in Industrial Design – Philadelphia University
    Kristen Renda – Sophomore Student in Industrial Design – Philadelphia University
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