"Posters Against Ebola" poster

  • Ebola is a deadly disease surrounded by many controversies and misunderstandings. Posters Against Ebola is a project started by Philadelphia University's own Maribeth Kradel-Weitzel to raise awareness about the disease and provide designers, artists, and activists a place to express ideas, solutions, and opinions about the disease, all while raising money for Doctors Without Borders. 
    This assignment challenged us to explore this very controversial topic and create our own poster that is both eye-catching and clearly communicated our message. Finished imagery could be created traditionally, digitally, or through a combination of traditional and digital media. Type could be hand-drawn, set, or a combination of the two.
    My poster focused on bringing more attention to an aspect of the disease that the general population, through ignorance or lack of education, would not be aware of: that Ebola has actually been around since 1976 and is thus around 40 years old, and not from 2014 as most people would believe. The design of the poster is a graphic timeline using icons to showcase various big events that have occurred after the discovery in Ebola in 1976.