Grün Window Herb & Flower Garden

  • Using two standard sized 1.5" suction cups, the Grün Window Garden holds firmly against the glass to make it look like it is effortlessly floating
  • The Window Garden always gets the perfect amount of sunlight 
  • Interior drain holes allow Grün to be watered while attached to the window. Excess water drains into the second exterior chamber and stays out of sight until it is emptied by the user 
  • Suction release holes allow for easy attaching and detaching from the window pane with just 1 hand
  • Cooking with the help of the Grün Window Herb & Flower Garden
  • Flat base allows it to sit on any counter surface when cooking 
  • The Grün Window Garden on display in Germany at the IMM Cologne, 2015 International Interiors Show