ShowStream Concept

  • ShowStream is a growing live music platform driven by artists and their fans.  I'm currently building it and plan to release a beta within the next few months.  Follow along with it's progress on Twitter @show_stream.
  • Style Guide
  • Explore
    Users can 'Explore' all of the shows that have been uploaded to ShowStream.  The 'Editors Picks' section gets updated weekly and features the best of the best.
  • You can also explore ShowStream's database by artists and shows based on a number of metrics.  
  • Show View
    Each show has a score that is determined by the users of showstream.  Shows Can be upvoted or downvoted, or added to the queue. 
  • Artist Proflie
    Artists have a total score which is a cumulation of each individual show's score that they uploaded to the stream.  The Profiles display each show that a specific artist has uploaded to ShowStream.  In future versions off the app artists will have the ability to list their upcoming shows and sell tickets to those events.
  • Artist Upload Show
    When artists upload a show they are required to set a date, the price of the show, and a venue name. They then build their setlist from the audio file they uploaded.
  • Search
    ShowStreams search functionality was Inspired by Medium's.  The search form will return values for artists, users, and venue names.
  • Library
    Every show a user upvotes gets added to their library.  Users can also build playlists from the shows that they upvoted.  Downvoting a show also removes it from the library.
  • Feed
    The Feed's functionality is pretty basic at the time being, but when venues get added into the mix, it will be much more interesting.  Right now it only notifies a user when an artist they follow uploads a show, or when another user follows them.
  • Queue
    The Queue functions like the browser's search history, with the most recent song played at the end of the list.  When a show gets added to the queue, it is appended to the end of that list and 'queued' up to be played next.
  • Check twitter @show_stream for updates
    the site will be live at