Senior/Child Community Center 2014

  • CONCEPT: To create a space that brings an outdoor urban context indoors.
    The 9th and Tasker Community Center was created to bring healthy seniors/adults and adolescents together in one space with elements and features that are versatile for all age groups. The design is easily recognizable to the community with the use of urban elements and features seen throughout the city of Philadelphia. The Community Center is energetic and livley, yet still has quiet relaxing spaces as if you are walking down a city block. 
    This project was hand-rendered and drafted.
  • My concept was based on the street map of South Philadelphia and urban elements throughout the city. 
  • Floor Plan - consists of Library, health and fitness rooms, indoor universal playground, indoor garden, picnic/cafeteria area, creative classroom, kitchen, and reception area
    The main intent was to create a space that assist in Senior and Adolecent interaction and collaboration for a healthy lifestyle. 
  • Reflected Ceiling Plan - exposed ceiling to represent industrial concept 
  • Section from entrance
  • Enlarged Library Floor Plan
  • Library Elevation
  • Cafeteria Elevation - this is a seating area made of large steps with cushioned areas for sitting,and provides a place where Children and Adults can interact in a fun energetic way. 
  • Enlarged Reception Area floor plan with perspective - iThe ndustrial pipe influenced seating with traffic light inspired lighting is used to simulate the urban outdoor context of Philadelphia.
  • Perspective of cafeteria and open play/interaction area.
  • Exterior Elevation 
  • Material Board - The use of outdoor materials are used wherever surfaces would be naturally exposed and areas that have interior feel will exhibit more indoor materials. 
    Colors are vibrant to promote healthy energetic emotion and they also relate to the concept from the famous graffiti around South Philadelphia. 
  • The furniture is different in each space depending on the abstract representation of eiether and outdoor or indoor inspired area.
  • Model