The Country's Club Civic Holidays Campaign

  • The Country’s Club is a way to describe events that will be taking place on the Civic Holidays at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. Each Civic Holiday has events that are unique to The Country’s Club to keep visitors to the Center entertained. The goal of The Country’s Club is to make visitors feel like they are part of an exclusive club back in the 1940’s, just by showing up. Civic Holidays are days to take all your worries away and to live simply just like in the good old days! 
    System includes: logo, publication, ad campaign, and app
    The Country's Club logo is subject to change based upon the different Civic Holidays, some can be seen below.
    The publication layout is inspired from Life Magazine and advertisements in magazines from the 1940-1960’s.
    The Ad campaign is used as a way to connect the different decades, the past and present, by taking the illustration styles from the past and merging it with something from present day. 
  • Overarching Logo
  • Publication
  • This opening spread describes what the National Constitution Center is as well as the general overview of the concept behind The Country's Club. It is here that the attendees receive their membership cards with their club membership ID number that links to the mobile application.