John Stewardson Memorial Fellowship in Architecture '15

  • BERLIN MITTE DISTRICT _Beachten Geschichte Observe History
    In commemoration of the Fall of the Berlin Wall’s twenty-fifth anniversary, this form “seeks to create a transformative space of seperation and connection.” The proposed site is located in the Mitte district of Berlin, Germany along Ebertstraße. Inspiration of the form derived from an image of a man sitting atop the wall, looking into the distance in each direction. The extents of the site create a form which gradually steps up with the length of the site and allows the pedestrian user to transverse the existing pathways, both over the new form at grade to the South, and below the raised structure at the North end of the site. This new structure would be raised park-like and include a series of smaller programs such as: Reflection Spaces, Resting Spaces, School Programs, Lecture,and Gallery Spaces. The entry to the site opens to a tranquil reflection space; as the user progresses upwards, the site becomes more inclusive, but viewsheds are sure to remind the user of the site history. The final component of the site is an indoor/outdoor observation level 20’ above grade, giving a vast panoramic view just like that seen by the man on the wall in 1989.