Skywalk Bridge, Design VI

  • The form was derived from accentuated, unobstructed views that dynamically shifted along the path. The higher bike path was used for shelter and its negative-space plan provided a release from tight spaces underneath.
  • Oriented north upward, the encompassing bridge combined Callowhill with Chinatown, making a strong expressive gesture over the Vine Street Expressway. Bridging a physical and metaphorical boundary.
  • A partial elevation of the exhibition space to show the contrast of closed and open space, in addition to scale.
  • The locomotive museum on the lower floor created a highly mechanical and structural space that mimics the strength and innovation of trains during earlier times.
  •              Structural detailed wall section.                                                            Enclosed museum sustainability diagrams.
  • View from under the Skywalk Bridge on the Chinatown side, in addition to the floor plans of the exhibition space.
  • 1:50 scale structural detail model.
  • The submitted competition boards for the ACSA Steel Design Student competition.