This building complex is designed to have a daily use that can benefit the local population of Moore Oklahoma but can also act as a protective shelter for residents in the immediate vicinity during a tornado.  It is recommended that in the event  of a tornado, individuals that live in houses that have foundations should remain in their homes for safety, but people who living in mobile homes must seek shelter elsewhere.  This project  was designed to create a shelter for the mobile home communities located near the site.  The day to day programs consist of a restaurant, rentable art studios, rentable music recording studios, and a smokeless hookah lounge.  There is also a recessed parking lot that is accompanied by a large wall that can be seen sloping into the earth from the majority of the complex.  Each program has its own building that terraces down into the ground.  There is also an exterior occupiable space that relates to each program space within the complex.  The largest of the buildings is located furthest below grade and is most protected.  A gradient of structural exposure and size increases as the series of building decent into the earth to increase feelings of security during a disaster.  The facades and walls of the complex utilize continuous Oklahoma stone and a path of pervious paver stones mark circulation paths within the designed exterior spaces.  Building forms, openings, and layouts are tailored to specific experience that relate to their daily use program as well as their disaster time program.